Saturday, January 24, 2009

CRS-Caridinia cf cantonensis line breds

At the invite of buddy and shrimp addict Amin, the gang of JC, Vincent and me went to gape at Amin's new pets.
Not the easiest to shoot but not too difficult if you have help.

A mutant wine red. Tiny-about a centimeter.

Another mutant-no idea what name-whitish black diamond? [urk]

A B grader. I like this pic very much except the whiskers aren't in the right position.

This is also one of my favourite-not the whitest but nice bits of texture on it make it look good to me.
This one perhaps is my favourite on his patch of fissidens nibbling away.

Amin's a bit hung up on the 'grades' whereas I'm just there to shoot shoot shoot!

Setup is nothing special, just an overhead flash with a taufoofa tub, 60mm macro with manual settings ranging from f8-11, shutter 1/200, ISO 200. Bap bap bap till got a little dizzy looking through viewfinder.