Saturday, August 2, 2008

Previous Attempts at IAPLC

In 2006, my 1st attempt-Angels In Elysium at IAPLC was 81st. Pretty good/lucky at the time because there was no expectation. :D

Shot with Nikon-D70, 20mm AFD, Existing aquarium lighting and a Nikon Speedlight-SB800 aimed at the Angel fishes.

Come 2007 and the Altum Angels-Pterophyllum altum having out grown this tank, I searched for inspiration and ended up with a riot of fishes. It was my 1st time using lots of stem plants. This was a large bunch of Rotala sp Vietnam. Lucky me, Carefree Spring Summer's Day got 60th this time! It was also the 1st time I used my new Nikon D200 + 12-24mm f4 AFS to shoot with! What a difference! I set it at around 18mm.

Lighting was trickier and had to balance the aquarium lighting and also light up the wall in the background. I wish I had time to make the right back bushier and take another pic but I had another event to attend. 

The Singapore Aquarama 2007.

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